A Libertarian Service Community


Healing Our America is a libertarian community of activists engaging our local communities through direct action activism. We strive to be the best neighbors we can possibly be as we seek to educate and elevate hearts and minds in our communities.

We seek to promote a positive and compassionate vision of libertarianism by engaging directly in voluntary acts of charity, community service and goodwill where we live.

Healing Our America is inspired by the life of Dr. Mary Ruwart and her best selling Libertarian masterpiece, “Healing Our World“. This wonderful book has touched the lives of many activists in the Liberty movement since it was first published in 1993.




Our Current Projects…


Cedarvale Farms Justice Project

A US Navy Korean War Veteran and his disabled wife have been cheated by greedy out-of-state developers! Help us defend their rights so they may know justice…




Liberate Our Libraries

We are donating Liberty themed books and other media to local lending libraries in neighborhoods across America. Help us educate and elevate minds and hearts on a local level…