The Local Face of Evil

My involvement the past year supporting Joshua Rohrer and Pastor Moses against the City of Gastonia Government has been the most illuminating experience of my life as a peace activist.

While the experience was deeply spiritual as I built bonds and broke bread with a diverse collection of beautiful people, it also was the darkest example of domestic terrorism I have ever witnessed…

The video of the brutal assault on a homeless war veteran and his beloved service dog was grotesque and very difficult to watch…

Being threatened to be arrested several times while standing beside a veteran simply exercising his first amendment rights on a public sidewalk in front of the county courthouse by the Gaston County deputies…

Hearing one of my Facebook posts read in court by the Gastonia Police Department’s attorney and being labeled a threat for possible arrest was chilling and comical at the same time…

Witnessing the utter contempt for the homeless with the harassment of Pastor Moses and his ministry…

How is putting homeless people out in the streets in the middle of winter and arresting them for simply asking for alms not a direct contradiction of the teachings of Christ?

Yet, the city council has the nerve and audacity to pray and quote Scripture during their meetings, only to do the devil’s work as soon as they say their “Amens”.

I guess this is a long way to simply reaffirm that I am an Enemy of the State.

Any early authority who makes the mission of Christ a crime has no more moral authority over me than a street level hoodlum robbing me at gunpoint.

At least the street thug has the stones to do his own dirty work.

Politicians, not so much.

Christ or the State?

You cannot serve both.

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