Three Women Who Launched a Movement


The birth of the modern American libertarian movement can arguably be traced to the work of three women.

The battle, history has since shown, is not yet lost, and this is due in no small part to Rand, Paterson, and Lane’s belief in the power of ideas. Unconstrained by conventional political categories, they savaged the collectivist economic nostrums of the left even while, in their lives and careers, they exploded the rigid gender roles seen as sacrosanct by so many on the right. In the process, they laid the foundations of the modern libertarian movement.

Source: Three Women Who Launched a Movement

Good Ideas Don’t Require Force




“When our choice is between winning & losing, aggression appears to be a useful tool. We don’t notice that our aggression is limiting wealth & jobs; we take those limitations as a given. Our beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies, making us all poorer.” – Dr. Mary Ruwart

A Royalty Of One. We Only Rule Ourselves

“Jesus Christ knew he was God. So wake up and find out eventually who you really are.” – Alan Watts

Philosopher Alan Watts delivers one of my favorite lectures of his; a deep and fascinating talk about the nature of Jesus Christ and his message for all humankind. I have received more spiritual fruit from this one lecture than all the years I attended organized religious services.

A Buddhist philosopher reveals a deeper understanding of Christ than the Church, which claims authority over interpretation of biblical teachings..

Indeed the letter kills as the Spirit gives Life…