Of Love and Liberty



“What’s love got to do with liberty? Just about everything! If we love our neighbors, we won’t steal from them, defraud them, or assault them. If we secretly hate or even judge them as stupid, foolish, or lesser than ourselves, we’ve stopped honoring their choices and started belittling them. We have separated ourselves from them instead of dwelling in the sense of equality and oneness. Because they are “other,” we can justify a bit of aggression against them “for their own good.” Tyranny begins with the belief that if we can bend others to our will, all will be well.” – Dr. Mary Ruwart

Public School Safety

Thomas Hill For Cabarrus County Commission


My take on public school safety and those offensive mobile classrooms…
We have an abundance of retired military and law enforcement officers living in our county. I would work with the Sheriff and municipal law enforcement to develop a way to utilize this valuable asset of our community.
Banks and businesses use guards who are heavily armed to protect their money. Shouldn’t we take the same precautions to protect our most precious resource, our children?
We also need to find the money to eliminate those offensive mobile classrooms. Our children deserve better.
I call on Dr. Lowder and the education establishment to move out of their nice, safe and cozy offices and work out of a construction trailer until this issue is settled.
Where are our priorities?

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473 Days

Cedarvale Farms Justice Project

Paging Mr. Mark Plemmons….
It has been 473 days since I brought my Korean War Veteran father to your office to introduce him and tell our family story.
473 days of deafening silence…
Ironically, that was just before the county commission meeting where I spoke and introduced my father and told my family’s story. Not a peep. Not a “Thank you for serving our country, Mr. Hill” or anything…
Just 473 days of deafening silence and disrespect from Mark and his paper. 473 days since the GOP county commission ignored my veteran father.

What would you…

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The Spirit of Revolution


Written by Daniel Pinchbeck

When the spirit of revolution arises in the people, it promises to change not only the outer world but also the inner domain of thought, dream and desire. The desire for revolution is the yearning for the decisive event that ends the separation between dream and reality – the threshold when suffering is redeemed, when freedom is gained, here and now.

The wait has been a long one. ‘Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains,’ Jean-Jacques Rousseau observed, back in the eighteenth century. ‘One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.’ Rousseau’s ideas ended up shaping the French Revolution.

The cry for freedom has been the persistent undertone in the music of the oppressed, those who sing for Kingdom Come, the rising of the new sun, for whom history is an unfinished melody or a call that awaits its response. The dream of revolution is a secular version of the monk’s desire for religious ecstasy, which erases the separation between subject and object, and, like fire, purifies as it scalds, transmutes as it consumes, creates as it destroys.

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