Money Monopoly



“Fourth-layer aggression is the forced use of subsidized, exclusive monopolies. One example of fourth-layer aggression is the money monopoly, a central bank with an exclusive license to issue currency. By empowering the money monopoly, we have created inflationary boom-and-bust cycles, which redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich.

When everyone is forced to use the money monopoly to pay taxes and settle debts, central banks like the Fed become so powerful that they control the economic fate of the entire nation.” – Dr. Mary J. Ruwart 

Quote from “Healing Our World”

American Military Dominance In One Staggering Chart

Defense spending accounts for about 20 percent of all U.S. federal spending.

Despite a proposed slashing of U.S. Army personnel to pre-World War II levels, American military might is beyond question.

Source: American Military Dominance In One Staggering Chart

New Airwars project to examine US media coverage of civilian harm in war against ISIS

Monitoring and assessing civilian harm from airpower-dominated international military actions. Seeking transparency and accountability from belligerents, and advocating on behalf of affected non-combatants. Archiving open-source casualty reports, and military claims by nations.

Source: New Airwars project to examine US media coverage of civilian harm in war against ISIS

FDA Creates Senseless Suffering



“The 1962 Amendments to the Food & Drug Act were intended to prevent drug disasters like the European drug, thalidomide, which caused babies to be born with missing limbs. However, these regulations made it virtually impossible for manufacturers to tell the American public about the preventative effects of vitamins and minerals. In the 1980s, we knew that the B vitamin, folic acid, could almost completely eliminate certain types of serious birth defects.

The FDA told folic acid manufacturers they would be prosecuted if they talked about these studies or if they pointed out that the Center for Disease Control, another government body, was recommending that young women take folic acid as a preventative. Consequently, at least 10,000 babies were born needlessly deformed, while many others were aborted. The Amendments caused an ‘American thalidomide’, the very problem they were intended to prevent, demonstrating that bad laws can have side effects just as deadly as bad drugs.” – Dr. Mary J. Ruwart