Three Women Who Launched a Movement


The birth of the modern American libertarian movement can arguably be traced to the work of three women.

The battle, history has since shown, is not yet lost, and this is due in no small part to Rand, Paterson, and Lane’s belief in the power of ideas. Unconstrained by conventional political categories, they savaged the collectivist economic nostrums of the left even while, in their lives and careers, they exploded the rigid gender roles seen as sacrosanct by so many on the right. In the process, they laid the foundations of the modern libertarian movement.

Source: Three Women Who Launched a Movement

Medical Freedom with Dr. Mary Ruwart



“Dr. Mary Ruwart joins me to talk about self-ownership, medical freedom and the seemingly radical idea of the Separation of Church and State.

You can follow her work at:

Dr. Ruwart is a very warm, compassionate and intelligent person who truly believes, as I do, that the principles of individual liberty are the best ideas to organize a society upon.

We discuss her most recent book “Death By Regulation.” Dr. Ruwart makes the compelling case that the increased FDA regulatory authority granted by the 1962 Drug Amendment Act has led to a stifling of innovation, the massive increase in drug costs and the death of nearly 15,000,000 Americans.”

How Liberty Saves the Environment (Part 1: Ending Sovereign Immunity)


Who’s the greatest polluter of all? The oil companies? The chemical companies? The nuclear power plants? If you guessed “none of the above” you’d be correct. Our government, at the federal, state, and local levels, is the single greatest polluter in the land. In addition, our government doesn’t even clean up its own garbage!

Source: How Liberty Saves the Environment (Part 1: Ending Sovereign Immunity) – Official Site of Dr. Mary Ruwart

Money Monopoly



“Fourth-layer aggression is the forced use of subsidized, exclusive monopolies. One example of fourth-layer aggression is the money monopoly, a central bank with an exclusive license to issue currency. By empowering the money monopoly, we have created inflationary boom-and-bust cycles, which redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich.

When everyone is forced to use the money monopoly to pay taxes and settle debts, central banks like the Fed become so powerful that they control the economic fate of the entire nation.” – Dr. Mary J. Ruwart 

Quote from “Healing Our World”