Public School Safety

Thomas Hill For Cabarrus County Commission


My take on public school safety and those offensive mobile classrooms…
We have an abundance of retired military and law enforcement officers living in our county. I would work with the Sheriff and municipal law enforcement to develop a way to utilize this valuable asset of our community.
Banks and businesses use guards who are heavily armed to protect their money. Shouldn’t we take the same precautions to protect our most precious resource, our children?
We also need to find the money to eliminate those offensive mobile classrooms. Our children deserve better.
I call on Dr. Lowder and the education establishment to move out of their nice, safe and cozy offices and work out of a construction trailer until this issue is settled.
Where are our priorities?

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Securing The Blessings Of Liberty For A Stranger

“The dictates of humanity came in opposition to the law of the land, and we ignored the law.” ― Levi Coffin

I drove from North Carolina to Illinois a week and a half ago (November 6th). As I was driving along US Highway 35 through West Virginia about 15 miles from the Ohio River, I was thinking of the Underground Railroad and the daring and courageous abolitionists, who risked their lives, lively hoods and property to secure the blessings of liberty for perfect strangers; a people born into a 400 year history of humiliation and human bondage, who could provide nothing in return except for their eternal gratitude.

The closer I got to crossing into the “Land of Canaan”, I felt an overwhelming sense of grace as I pondered to myself, “How Christ-like it is for someone to risk everything to help secure the blessings of liberty for a runaway slave!” I wept like a baby as I felt the warm and comforting Love only a loving God could give me.

I had two more similar spiritual awakenings after I crossed into Ohio.

The following video was recorded via Facebook Live at a rest area. My Lord placed the following message on my heart…